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About AROS Chain of Office

AROS is managed by an Executive Council consisting of a President, Vice-President, Honorary Secretary, Minute Secretary, Treasurer and 9 Members of Council. The President holds a term spanning 3 years after which he or she retires and the Vice-President takes over the role. All Members of the Executive Council are elected or re-elected at the Annual General Meeting.

The Association provides a valuable networking group for Registrars and Assistant Registrars and works closely with National Records of Scotland (NRS) to contribute towards a workable and customer friendly registration system. We can and do have influence over procedures and proposed legislation and have been invited to attend Parliamentary committees to give our views on registration issues. When there is a consultation AROS always answers from a Registrarís perspective and we provide professional advice on registration procedures and take part in working groups such as the Death Certification National Advisory Group, Fees Group, Handbook Project, the European Association of Registrars (EVS) and the Scottish TUO group. We also have 4 representatives on the Exam Board and 2 Exam Setters/Markers.

Registration staff members can work towards gaining the Certificate of Proficiency in the Law and Practice of Registration in Scotland. AROS provides a very professional workshop every October for those candidates who intend to sit their examination. The workshop, like AROS itself, is run by a very dedicated band of experienced registrars who unstintingly give up their time to assist their colleagues. The examination is held each March and November and the successful candidates are awarded their certificates at the Annual General Meeting held in different areas of Scotland each May. The first examination was held in 1938 and became another major part of the work of the Association. The Examination Board consists of representatives from AROS, NRS and the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA).

In 2004, AROS was formally granted membership of the European Association of Registrars. The EVS* holds an annual Congress in one of its Member States. The Member States are Austria, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Scotland, Switzerland, Slovenia and Romania. The annual congresses are well attended by many delegates who are eager to learn about the registration systems and legislation from other countries. The EVS is very keen to work towards the electronic transfer of information between Member States to assist the citizens of Europe as they work and settle in other areas.

We encourage members and new members to use the website to help keep in touch with one another and also to keep up to date with what is happening within the Executive Council and read the minutes of the meetings.

Chain of Office


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